Environmental Health


The following is a brief guideline of enhancements that can be made to the health of your environment. A radiation measuring meter is useful for locating all sources in your environment, but not an absolute necessary expense.

By turning off all Wifi, Cellular, Cordless phones, Bluetooth and other wireless devices you can minimize your exposure by connecting directly to your router.

Granted, you will lose the convenience of wireless, but you will have a radiation free environment and you will also experience an increase in your internet speed with a direct connection by doing so.

Besides electromagnetic radiation, light, air and water are very important elements to optimize their quality that directly effects your health



Electromagnetic Radiation Reduction

Grounding your body during sleep

The health benefits of grounding are well known

You can purchase a bed grounding pad for $90 or make your own for $40

Grounding Cloth Wiring Do-it-yourself Instructions
Bed Grounding Cloth $26
Electrical Plug with ground $4
Alligator Clips $2
Wire $8

Computer Station Grounding

Using the above instructions you can wire just the Plug and Wire
and for $12 using metal tape to connect the grounded wire to the base where your
palm rests on your computer trackball (works best since its stationary)
or to your mouse pad where your palm rests so you stay grounded while using your computer



RF EMF EM Measuring Equipment

Can be highly useful for scanning your environment to identify all radiation sources of RF EF and EMF

$116 (my recommendation) or Cornet ED78S $180 or TriField Model TF2 $168



Turn off WiFi and connect directly through an Ethernet cable adapter

Example Ethernet Adapter for Android Tablet $14 (or with charging port $40)

Example Ethernet Adapter for IOS Apple iPhone or Tablet $21

The adapters that include a charging port will allow you to charge and use your phone with Ethernet connection at the same time

Various lengths of Ethernet Cable extension to connect directly to your router or wall LAN output jack

First turn off your WiFi by going into your settings on your Router and Switch Off the Wifi

All Computers, Tablets and Phones will now be connected via Ethernet Adapter with no WiFi health effects

On your tablet or phone switch to "Airplane Mode" (turns off Cellular) and also turn off Wifi

If your cellphone number is your main number, then forward your cell number to your home phone.
if you don't have a home phone number, get a Google Voice or Skype number to receive calls via your internet connection

When mobile and talking on your cell phone, use air tubes for radiation free conversations. Cell Phone Safety Tips

Tablet EMF Radiation Shield

Not a large concern with wifi switched off
This reduces electrical fields induced in your body when tablet is held close
Tablet Cover $65
Tablet Pad $60


Cordless Phone

Switch to any type of Wired Phone $13


Wireless RF or Bluetooth Headphones

Switch to Direct Wired or InfraRed Headphones


EMI "Dirty Electricity" Filters

Filters remove or reduce high-frequency pollutants on the electrical wiring in your home which causes symptoms
Filter products are available from GreenWave and Stetzer - Video
Greenwave Broadband EMI Dirty Electricity Meter for measuring the level of EMI riding on your house wiring

A great company with effective products SaticShield whole house filter



Switching off Electrical Devices near you at night

If you don't have a "switched outlet" in your bedroom to use, you can use the following
AC Power Outlets Remote Switch
- 4 outlets $24
If you have a lot of electronics near your bed you can switch them all off remotely
The standby power consumption of these devices will be eliminated as well to reduce your electric bill
If you wish to disconnect all the electrical wiring in your bedroom at night you can wire a remote switch in your breaker panel*
*Note that the referenced remote switch can only handle up to 1000 watts on the circuit you select.


Utility Poles and Power Lines

Increase the distance of your bedroom or other heavily occupied areas away from these sources Ref


Smart Meter

RF 902 MHz and 2.4 GHz Shielding Cage $30 $70
If you can't opt out, the RF Meter Shield can reduces RF & EMF radiation by over 80 %,
yet does not interfere with the utility company's ability to communicate with your meter. Ref

Two good videos to watch regarding Smart Meters Ref Ref



5G Wireless Systems

If one is installed outside your house, there is nothing available as yet to block this 60 Ghz range signal as yet Ref





Information on the effects of the light spectrum on our body Video

To optimize sleep, get sun exposure first thing in the morning, and/or again around noontime. In the evening, avoid blue light.

Low-voltage DC halogen lights for Red Spectrum. Alternatively use Natural Daylight (lots of skylights/windows) supplemented
in evening with Warm Spectrum LED Light or Blue Light Inhibiting Bulbs

For LED Displays for Computer, Tablets and Phone use Blue Light Filtering Software

Television Display (Note OLED is better than LED) - Set display settings to "Movie" mode Ref

Avoid watching any displays 1-2 hours before bedtime and sleep in darkness with all light sources removed

By doing so will allow your body to produce important melatonin for maximum regeneration at night





Air Purifier Air Doctor Model AD3000 Video

.003 micron filtering (100X more than standard HEPA) 2400 sq. ft. coverage 10 watts power $360 (on sale)

Yearly filters replacement cost (1) UltraHEPA Filter (2) Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filters total $139




Structured Water Unit

Structured water is more bio-available to your body and plants and also helps in decalcifying plumbing

Video Local





Don't forget to get outside and connect with nature and also to meditate, it's good for your brain







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